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Itensify is the supplier of high-quality pressure test systems for the entire range of hose tests – from manufacturers and assembly companies to companies that ‘retest’ . We offer a comprehensive selection of pressure testing solutions for hose manufacturing and assembly. At Itensify we produce our machines in the Netherlands, applying the highest quality standards. Our machines can be tailor-made to perfectly suit your needs. Our experienced engineers have proven themselves time and time again and are perfectly capable of developing customized versions for any specific problem.

At Itensify, quality and reliability are the key.

You can trust that our pressure testing systems meet the highest industry standards and exceed your expectations. Please contact for more information about our tailor-made pressure testing solutions for hose production and assembly.

Software solutions

At Itensify we understand the importance of innovation and moving with the times. That’s why we not only offer advanced pressure testing machines, but we also supply software solutions to easily extract the test results to read and generate certificates with accreditation. Our goal is to make the testing process as user-friendly as possible. And now we would like to introduce our latest creation: QuickConnect the Flange Fastner.
These innovative bolts allow us to perform tests even faster. Using the Flange Fastners you can connect the test object up to five times faster compared to the traditional way. The use of lightweight materials makes these bolts ideal for on-site testing, where mobility and speed are essential.

With QuickConnect, users can significantly shorten their test time, resulting in a more efficient testing process. This allows companies to achieve results faster and more accurately, saving valuable time and resources.

Simplify and improve

At Itensify we understand that hose testing is a crucial step in various industries. That’s why we continue to strive for innovation and developing solutions that meet the ever-changing needs of our customers. With our advanced technologies, we offer high-quality products that simplify and improve the testing process.

A more efficient testing process

A more efficient pressure testing process can deliver significant time and cost savings during testing. By refining the pressure testing process, companies can optimize their operations and improve product quality.

First, by implementing advanced pressure testing solutions, companies can streamline and automate their testing process. This means they are less dependent on manual actions and human intervention, reducing the chance of human error and increasing efficiency.
Automation makes it possible to execute test cycles faster, saving valuable time. In addition, advanced pressure testing solutions can provide a more thorough and accurate testing process. They can monitor various test parameters and collect real-time data, allowing quality issues to be quickly identified and resolved. This reduces the chance of production errors and minimizes the risk of failure or repair work.

By refining the pressure testing process, companies can also save costs on materials and energy consumption. Advanced pressure testing solutions can determine the optimal testing conditions to ensure product performance and durability, without excessive pressure or waste of resources. This leads to a more efficient use of materials and a reduction in energy consumption, which directly contributes to cost savings.


In addition, advanced pressure testing solutions provide the ability to analyze historical test data and trends. This allows companies to proactively address potential problems and take preventative measures. This data-driven approach allows companies to continuously improve their processes and increase overall product quality.

Pressure testing solutions

In short, refining the pressure testing process using advanced pressure testing solutions offers significant efficiency benefits, cost savings and quality assurance. By contact with Itensify you can obtain more information and discuss your specific requirements so you can make an informed decision.