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Innovative pressure testing systems

Itensify develops advanced and state-of-the-art test systems for the quality control of pressure containing objects. Innovation is a top priority in the development of our test solutions. With our innovative technology, such as the electric drive and SoftBleed, you can test quickly, economically and accurately. Our mission is to help our customers to take a step forward in the field of pressure testing. To improve the quality of their testing process which results in a safe product for the end user. Discover our solutions >>

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Data acquisition, QuickConnect, Test system

Quality Control

Be one step ahead in quality control

Itensify takes the development of pressure testing systems one step further. We offer a solution for the entire quality control. In addition to the innovative pressure test system, we also offer a solution for digitizing the test process (data acquisition) and connecting the test object quickly using QuickConnect. We call this concept ‘The total circle of quality control’.

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"The demand from the market for tested hydraulic hoses was increasing and we did not want to compromise on quality. Itensify offered a solution that met our wishes and requirements, including a fully stainless steel housing. Whenever we need support, there is always someone to respond quickly and resolve the issue."

Roel Snijders

Snijders Hydraulic Hoses & Couplings

"We had a very good feeling about the contact with Itensify, which made us decide to buy the machine. The ‘rent - buy formula’ was an extra advantage, which meant the purchase cost of the machine could be spread. We have been using the machine for almost 3 years and everything is still working fine. So a satisfied customer to date. "

Benny Slaets

T.R.S. Torque & Repair Services