With spacious test room ideal for big hoses and other pressure containing objects

Test range: up to 6000 bar

The HSP Pro high pressure test bench will perform a pressure test in a safe, ergonomically and fast way. The HSP Pro is the perfect unit for every workshop that requires easy, fast and safe pressure testing of hydraulic hose assemblies. Also valves, tubes, fittings and other pressure containing objects can be tested in the HSP Pro. The test objects are situated in a safe integrated test room.

The HSP Pro is easy to operate due to the panel with clear instructions. Extra options can be added to optimize your testing process, such as extra low pressure pump, burst box and EasyLogging data software.

Air drive or Electric drive

HSP Pro pressure test system ItensifyThe HSP Pro can be selected with an air drive (up to 4000 bar) or an electric drive (up to 6000 bar). The electric drive has many advantages, such as low noise level, low cost of maintenance and low use of energy. The electric-drive is suitable for severe testing. An air-driven system is recommended for less severe applications.

Manually operated or computer controlled

The HSP Pro is the manually operated version.
The HSP Pro Advanced is the computer controlled version.

The HSP Pro is self-containing, ready to use and is suitable for handling tap water as high pressure fluid (for other liquids such as oil, water/oil and water/glycol please contact Itensify).


  • One valve operation to bleed down pressure
  • Gauge with safety glass, the Advanced has a pressure sensor
  • Easy reading and operation due to angled panel with clear instructions
  • The test object can be placed on a pallet in the spacious test room
  • Safe test room: L= 2950 mm, D= 1350 mm, H= 950 mm
  • Easy and accurate pressure setting
  • Durable due to stainless steel frame and panels
  • Continuity through high quality, smart and solid system set up


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Quality Control

Be one step ahead in quality control

Itensify takes the development of pressure testing systems one step further. We offer a solution for the entire quality control. In addition to the innovative pressure test system, we also offer a solution for digitizing the test process (data acquisition) and connecting the test object quickly using QuickConnect. We call this concept ‘The total circle of quality control’.

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