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With more than 25 years of experience on board Itensify develops advanced pressure test systems for the quality control of pressure containing objects. Itensify was founded by Inne IJntema with the vision to change the traditional way of pressure testing. The development of the electric drive was an important step to make these changes. Our mission is to help our customers to take a step forward in the field of pressure testing. To improve the quality of their testing process which results in a safe product for the end user.

Our approach

Insight in the total testing process

Finding the right solution for your company, that is our goal. We therefore start with a thorough analysis of your testing process. It is important for us to gain insight into the total testing process. The purpose of this analysis is to remove the sore points from the test process and to reduce your cost items. During the analysis phase we can serve you with a business case evaluation that clearly indicates the reduction in total cost of ownership and improvement of other relevant aspects. You will be are assured to get the best solution for a fast, reliable and efficient testing process.


Making changes in pressure testing

It was time for a change. With that in mind, Itensify was founded in 2010 by Inne IJntema, who had been active in the high-pressure test market for fifteen years. In this market, tests are still mainly being carried out with the traditional air-driven drive. Inne saw the opportunity to develop a new and innovative drive: electric. In addition, he had two other objectives: looking for a solution for complete quality control and reducing operational costs in the test process. This resulted in the concept ‘The total circle of quality control’, which optimizes the testing process. Itensify is well on its way to conquering the international market with innovative pressure testing solutions.


Working at Itensify

Working at a dynamic company where innovation is of paramount importance, that is working at Itensify. Itensify aims to further conquer the international market. We are regularly looking for new colleagues. Take the next step in your career and join the Itensify team.

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