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Welcome to the first month of the new year, 2024. It signifies the start of a year brimming with fresh opportunities and avenues for growth. In this newsletter, our focus is on the milestone of our field: safety. A secure safety foundation propels us upward! How are the safety measures for your hydraulic objects holding up?

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“Mobility and Safety in Our Work Area”

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In our field, mobility is paramount when it comes to testing objects at our clients’ locations. The question arises: do you send your hoses/objects to be tested, or do you opt for a service bus equipped with testing capabilities to come to you? At Itensify, we offer various mobile testing solutions, such as the PPElectric and PPAir, ideal for installation in a service bus. These mobile units can be used with our quick clamping devices QCL and the Flange Fastner to test even quicker.

For those who prefer ultimate mobility with a portable testing device, the TPE Trolley is a must-have. Safety and accident insurance are key considerations, particularly given the hazards associated with hydraulic hoses, such as pressure pulses, wear, aging, damage, deficient integration, and more.

Hydraulic hoses pose specific risks, including dangerous machine movements, whipping of hose lines due to incorrect selection or poor quality, parts being thrown due to pressure drop, leakage of hydraulic fluid, fire hazard, and contact with hydraulic fluids causing skin and eye irritation or inhalation of spray mist.

To ensure the safety of personnel handling hydraulic systems, it is crucial to regularly check and test hydraulic hoses.

Therefore, continuous testing is imperative to guarantee the safety of personnel in direct contact with the test object. At Itensify, we prioritize safety and provide comprehensive testing solutions to ensure the secure operation of hydraulic systems.

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