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Commitment to a Better Future

In the heart of Friesland, Netherlands, unfolds the narrative of Itensify – a story infused with dedication to a brighter future. Here, amidst expansive green meadows and meandering waterways, a revolution takes shape, propelled by a profound commitment to sustainability and quality.

At Itensify, we believe in more than just turning a profit; we believe in making a difference. Our journey began with a simple idea: why succumb to the allure of cheap, mass production elsewhere when we can flourish right here in our homeland? With this notion at our core, we chose to craft everything ourselves, right here in Friesland.

At Itensify, we pride ourselves on sustainable production practices. Everything we create is made right here in the beautiful region of Friesland. We prioritize quality and craftsmanship, upholding these values at the core of our work. Committed to a sustainable future, we do not rely on third-world countries that produce machinery through cheap labor. Our dedication to ethical manufacturing ensures that each product is crafted with care and consideration for both our local community and the global environment.

Exciting news from our dynamic duo! Marten, our Software Engineer, and Freerk, our Maintenance & Service Engineer, recently embarked on a road trip to Parker in the heart of Czech Republic. Together, they covered 740 kilometers in our trusty Itensify service bus, making their way to Chomutov – a journey of approximately 8 hours.

The purpose behind this expedition? To undertake a series of upgrades and innovations at Parker. Specifically, they focused on implementing the HSC Completely New Control System.

A Control System Upgrade for HSC featuring ProSoftware, ERP integration, a barcode reader, and a robust PC setup with a steel monitor, keyboard, and mouse. ERP connections have been seamlessly established, and a host of new electro components have been integrated to enhance performance.

Now, we pose a question to you: In what condition are your machines? Are you keeping up with the times? Proactive upgrades can prevent hiccups in your processes, saving costs and ensuring your production doesn’t grind to a halt.

Want to delve deeper into the realm of efficient upgrades? Our expert, Hermann, is here to provide valuable advice. Don’t wait for problems to arise – stay ahead of the curve!

Specially crafted by our fantastic engineering team, witness their radiance. Constructed with specialized non-splintering glass for utmost safety. And admire the strikingly robust matte blue appearance. These are not just machines; they’re a fusion of precision engineering, safety, and the bold elegance our team takes pride in!