EasyLogging isn’t just software; it’s your ticket to precise pressure testing.

Whether it’s barrels, hoses, bottles, or any other pressure-containing object, EasyLogging is the software solution for thorough testing and certification. Utilizing hydrostatic testing methods, often employing water or oil, it incrementally increases pressure until the designated test pressure is reached.


  • Calibration service companies and service industry
  • Quality assurance
  • Recording and monitoring of pressure profiles
  • Pressure spike measurement

Extensive application possibilities
The EasyLogging USB pressure sensor can be connected to any PC with a USB interface, via the EasyLogging USB adapter. The USB adapter automatically recognises the measuring range of the connected pressure sensor and guarantees a high-accuracy pressure measurement.

The EasyLogging software can be downloaded from the powerful Itensify – USB-drive. With it, all settings for recording the pressure profiles can be made. The recorded measured values can be graphically displayed and evaluated. Using this software, the data is automatically transferred into a printable calibration certificate.

EasyLogging - Case

Scope of delivery

  • Complete service case (1) – for easy transport and safe storage, the EasyLogging – USB adapter is delivered in a compact transport case, which can also hold one or more pressure sensors.
  • EasyLogging – USB pressure sensor (2)
  • EasyLogging – USB adapter (3)
  • Itensify – USB – Software (4) 

ProSoftware – Machine Integration

ProSoftware machine integration and EasyLogging, our HSP Pro operates seamlessly. This machine achieves perfect integration of the computer/monitor, and keyboard into steel, all powered by EasyLogging Software. A step closer to perfection.

HSP-pro and EasyLogging Software


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