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Pressure testing with water

Itensify offers various pressure testing solutions with (tap) water. Our pressure testing solutions are ready to use and therefore you can easily and quickly perform a pressure test. The solutions are suitable for every workshop, depending on the test frequency and numbers of objects to be tested, we have different solutions.

Our water pressure testing solutions for the hose industry

We supply several advanced solutions for pressure testing with (tap) water in the hose industry. Our products are highlighted below. Curious about all our solutions? Check them here.

HSE Eco: test range up to 3000 bar

The HSE Eco is a suitable pressure testing solution in case you do not test on a daily basis, but want to carry out a test safely and quickly. It is a perfect solution for your workshop and is easy to operate with clear instructions. It is suitable for testing with tap water. View all specifications or download the brochure.

HSS: test range up to 4000 bar

The HSS has a test range up to 4000 bar. The HSS can test various pressure-containing objects. From hoses, valves, pipes to fittings. The test objects are located in a safe, integrated test chamber. The HSS is equipped with a test- and return connection, where de-airing can be easily controlled. Quick and safe testing with the HSS. Watch the video for more information.

HSP Pro: ideal for large hoses, test range up to 6000 bar

The HSP pro is a high-pressure test bench that performs pressure testing in a safe, ergonomic and fast way. The HSP Pro can be chosen with an air drive or an electric drive up to 4000 bar or an electric drive up to 6000 bar. An electric drive has many advantages, such as low noise, low maintenance costs and low energy consumption.

More information about pressure testing with water?

We have a wide range of solutions for pressure testing. The tests are always carried out safely and quickly. Curious about what our products can do for you? Take a look at our pressure testing solutions or contact us. Our engineers will be happy to tell you all about our solutions.