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Pressure testing of pipes

Testing whether a pipe is strong enough or leak-tight? Then our pressure testing systems are the solution. Our test systems perform a simple, fast and safe pressure test of pipes.

Pressure testing solutions

Our product range from portable (compact lightweight) and transportable (trolley) to stationary, is suitable for use in your workshop or on location. Our innovative pressure testing systems enable you to test quickly, accurately and economically. For pressure testing of pipes, the HSP Pro is a suitable solution. The HSP Pro is the perfect unit for your workshop and is versatile; pipes, tubes, vessels, barrels, fittings and other pressure-containing objects can be tested. You operate the HSP Pro simply by means of the easy to use operating panel. In addition, the testing process can be optimized by adding an extra low-pressure pump, EasyLogging software or burst box. The HSP pro is self-contained and ready to use for tap water as a high-pressure fluid. Do you have other fluids such as oil, water/oil and water/glycol? Please contact us.

The total circle of quality control

We do not just sell pressure testing systems for hoses and pipes, but go a step further. We do this by offering a solution for the entire process of quality control. For example, we offer a solution for digitising the test process (data acquisition) and connecting the test object faster with the help of QuickConnect. We call this concept: the total circle of quality control. Read more about this concept.

Curious about our hose and pipe pressure testing systems?

Would you like more information about our pressure testing systems and solutions or would you like to discuss the possibilities? Our engineers are at your service and can give you appropriate advice. Please feel free to contact us.

Enjoy the innovations and be one step ahead in pressure testing!