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Leak test

Testing hoses and other pressurised objects is a crucial part for assemblers and manufacturers. It indicates the quality of the object and whether it can be safely put into service. These quality requirements are tested by means of a leak test with a pressure testing machine.

The testing process of pressurised objects

During use, there are several factors that can reduce the service life of the hose or pressurised object. In a leak test, a tightness test is performed at a predetermined test pressure combined with a predetermined test duration. This can identify possible pressure drops or leaks. Based on this test, you will know that you have a safe object that meets the specified requirements. The leak tests are performed with pressure testing machines made on air drive or electric drive and can be tested with a test range up to 6000 bar.

Different types of pressure testing machines

Itensify develops advanced and high-quality test systems for the quality control of pressurised objects. Innovation is paramount in the development of our testing solutions. With our innovative technology, such as electric drive and SoftBleed, you can test quickly, economically and accurately. We offer high-quality test machines suitable for hose production and assembly, the oil and gas industry and other pressure-containing objects. View our range of pressure testing machines here.

Leak testing with electric drive

In this market, testing is mainly done with traditional air-driven pumps. Itensify is breaking new ground. Besides the air-driven solutions, we also offer the GreenLine concept: traditional systems make way for electrically driven high-quality pressure testing systems. A step forward in pressure testing, but also for you as a user. Electrically driven pressure tests are cleaner, faster and more accurate. The electrically driven pressure testing machines can perform the pressure of the test object from 10 to 6000 bar. Read all the ins and outs of electrically driven pressure testing machines here.

High-quality leak testing

Wherever you are in the pressure testing market, we offer the solution you are looking for. Want to know more about our leak testing? Feel free to contact us.