Ultra-low pressure test solution up to 5 bar

Recently Itensify delivered an ultra-low pressure testing solution to one of the world’s leading manufacturers of stainless steel containers and tanks. It is an electrically driven WPE that can test up to 5 bar. Special about this test unit is that it tests extremely accurately: at 0.1 bar.

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The test setup is equipped with two pressure outlets so that two tests can be performed simultaneously. The WPE also contains EasyLogging software with which the test certificate is available and stored within seconds after the test.

This test setup is ideal for manufacturers of tanks, jerry cans or PET (drinking) bottles. Curious about which solution best suits your company? Request a free QuickScan.


  • For example: hose manufacturer, high pressure cleaning, oil & gas industry etc.
  • For example: hoses, hydraulic components, oil & gas components etc.