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A complete solution with the total circle quality control

Developing a solution for the entire quality control was one of the spearheads in the foundation of Itensify. This resulted in ‘The total circle of quality control’. This concept consists of the combination of an innovative pressure test system, digitizing the test process (data acquisition) and the QuickConnect.

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Innovative pressure test systems

HSP pressure test system ItensifyItensify develops and supplies advanced pressure test systems for the quality control of pressure-containing objects. Our range varies from portable (compact lightweight) and movable (trolley) to stationary for use in the workshop. Our innovative pressure testing systems allow you to test quickly, economically and accurately. Check out our pressure testing solutions.

Take your data acquisition to the next level
with EasyLogging

EasyLogging Data Acquisition ItensifyEasyLogging is the perfect solution when professional storage of test data is a requirement. EasyLogging generates a digital test certificate in A4 format including graph. When customer and object data is entered from the database (which is included), the certificate is ready within seconds after the test. The certificate is then stored directly on the computer or server. EasyLogging offers various additional options to further optimize the data acquisition. Learn more about EasyLogging.

Save time with QuickConnect

Quick Connect pressure test system ItensifyThe QuickConnect shortens your test cycle by connecting test objects within seconds. This is done in a safe, ergonomic and fast way. Save time and prevent damage or deformation to the test object. QuickConnect is the ideal solution for any workshop requiring pressure testing of hydraulic hose assemblies or other objects.

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