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SoftBleed: prevent damage to the test object during the testing process

High pressure testing of hoses is important to guarantee the quality of products. The hoses must be good and safe. But did you know that this testing process also carries a risk?

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When the pressure is removed at once go during the test process, an underpressure is created in the test object and in the machine. An implosion occurs. This can be harmful. For example, the inner layer of the hose can detach from the steel or plastic braiding. So what actually happens? The hose appears to have passed the test, but once the pressure is released, the hose may be damaged and its lifespan shortened.

The solution: SoftBleed

The damage caused during the testing process has major consequences. The lifespan of the hose has been reduced, but also of the test system itself can be damaged. Especially the measuring instruments. Itensify discovered this problem, which is mostly unknown in the market, a long time ago. A solution was soon developed that created a gradual pressure reduction. The SoftBleed is an innovation that slowly takes away the energy, it works as a de-energizer. When the SoftBleed is installed in the test unit, damage is prevented to the test object and test system during the test process.

Wondering how the SoftBleed could improve your testing process? Please feel free to contact us.

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