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Pressure testing systems: the way Itensify works

Developing high-quality test systems for quality control of pressurised objects is our passion. Innovation is at the forefront of every process for us. With our innovative technology, such as electric drive and SoftBleed, you can test quickly, economically and accurately.

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Innovative and safe pressure testing systems

With more than 25 years on board experience, Itensify develops advanced and high-quality pressure testing systems for more than 10 years. These pressure testing systems contribute to quality control of pressure-containing objects. Besides traditional air-powered pressure testing, Itensify is also active in the development of electrically driven pressure testing systems. These pressure testing systems are unique in the high-pressure testing market and offer many advantages. Among other things, they are ideally suited for the larger test spectrums, have low energy consumption, offer accurate-, fast testing and have low maintenance costs.

Safety plays an increasingly important role when it comes to the quality requirements assemblers and manufacturers have to meet. We are fully equipped for this. For example, we offer environmentally friendly test systems, all systems feature a clear emergency stop, double interlocks, solid safe windows and a low noise level. All these aspects together ensure that objects are tested in a safe test compartment, to protect staff and prevent damage of the testing machine.

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Analysis of the current testing process

We provide a customised solution suitable for your application. That is why we start with a thorough analysis of the current testing process. By analysing the current testing process, we get a clear insight into the pain points in the process. We make a plan for an improved test system or process that best suits your requirements. By doing so, we also look at how we can reduce your costs.

Pressure testing the system in advance

We assure you, that you will get a solution resulting in a fast, reliable and efficient testing process. When the pressure testing system is manufactured and ready for use, we first invite you to our premises. You can then test the machine together with our engineers. Together, we will check whether additional efficiency can be achieved and, if necessary, the pressure testing system can be adjusted before delivery. This way, our engineers always get the most out of the machine.

Maintenance of testing machines

Besides developing pressure testing machines, we also offer preventive maintenance programmes. This prevents breakdowns and other issues with the test systems as much as possible. We also detect in time if a component needs replacement, resulting in minimising downtime of the testing process. Is your pressure testing system due for maintenance or expansion? We have a large stock of spare parts and can solve failures quickly and adequately. You can also contact us for calibration of pressure gauges and pressure sensors.

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