Pressure test with both water and oil

Itensify developed a pressure test/flush unit for our client in the oil & gas industry. The test unit can pressure test and flush with both water and oil. It has two separate but identical systems to do so.

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The unit has 4 independent outlet lines for oil and 4 independent outlet lines for water. The operating unit is separated from the power unit. The power unit can be placed inside the test pit.

The readings of pressure and flush results are digital. A pressure test certificate is provided. The unit has a signal available to even deliver a flush certificate with cleanliness results. A unique customized engineering solution.

Interested to know if which pressure test solution is best for your company? Feel free to contact us.

Pressure test/flush unit Ite    Pressure test/flush unit Itensify


Pressure test/flush unit Ite         Pressure test/flush unit Ite