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GreenLine: electrically driven pressure testing systems

From chemical, petrochemical, automotive, equipment construction, pipeline construction, vessels (food industry) to aviation: the market dealing with pressure testing of objects is very broad. With more than 25 years on board high-pressure experience, we have been developing advanced and high-quality pressure testing systems for over 10 years. However, what we do differently from other manufacturers. We are changing the traditional way of pressure testing and going beyond traditional testing with compressed air: we introduce you to GreenLine.

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Innovation in high-pressure testing? GreenLine!

Be one step ahead in innovation and safety! With the vision to change the traditional way of pressure testing, GreenLine was developed. Whereas traditional pressure testing systems operate on compressed air, with GreenLine we are breaking new ground: traditional systems are giving way to electrically driven high-quality pressure testing systems. A step forward in the field of pressure testing, but also for you as a user.

A new path in the test market

Why are air-powered test systems making way for GreenLine? The reason was shortcomings in traditional pressure test systems: air-driven units can be used for limited test ranges. To provide enough flow and pressure, in many cases multiple air-driven pumps are needed. Not only that: the energy loss is at least factor 3 with these traditional systems! In other words, at least three times more energy is lost when using traditional air driven systems for pressure testing purposes. This makes compressed air an expensive power supply. The GreenLine with its electric drive system achieves a cleaner, faster and more accurate test.

Powerful and suitable for a large test spectrum

Cleaner, faster, more accurate, but also a real powerhouse: the GreenLine electrically driven pressure test units are adapted to developments in the hose testing market. This means that this innovation in our pressure test systems can handle a larger test spectrum: small and large test volumes, but also (ultra) high test pressures and arbitrary combinations of these. Continuously checking pressure from 10 to 6.000 bar? It is possible with the GreenLine systems. Perfect suitable for when you test a lot or test across the spectrum.

More differences between electrically driven test systems and air driven systems? You can read all about it in our innovation centre!

GreenLine: a true frontrunner

GreenLine is the first electrically driven pressure testing system in the market. We have a wide range of pressure testing solutions. From field and mobile testing, workshop testing to additional options to take the quality of your quality controls to a higher level. Wherever you are in the pressure testing market, we offer the solution you are looking for. Want to know more about Greenline and the possibilities? Feel free to contact us.