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EasyLogging: the next step in data acquisition

Professional storage of test results is increasingly a requirement. Delivery of a safe product is a priority and recording the test data is indispensable. This guarantees the safety of the product as well as the exclusion of liability.

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In response to this, Itensify developed EasyLogging. This data acquisition software can be installed on both computer controlled and manual operated pressure testing systems. EasyLogging generates a digital test certificate in A4 format including graph. When customer and object data is entered from the database (which is included), the certificate is ready within seconds after the test. The certificate is stored directly on the computer or server.

Testing using test orders

EasyLogging offers various additional options with which the data acquisition can be further optimized. Such as the automatic generation of test certificates based on test orders. The operator does not have to enter any data himself, making the process less prone to errors. Based on the test order, the operator knows exactly what to do. The test orders can also be sent from a computer from another location/office to the test system.

More options

  • Customized test certificate layout
  • Individual certificates when testing multiple objects
  • Certificate storage per user or department
  • Send and receive customer and object data to and from an Excel file.
  • ERP integration
  • And much more

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