One step ahead in pressure testing

Since early 2021, we have joined forces with an international OEM manufacturer specializing in system integrators for gas and liquid transport. The company’s drive is to always find the right future-proof solution for their customers. They were looking for a machine to test metal hoses for gas pressure under water. Why underwater testing was the right solution for this manufacturer? The answer is clear. The inside of the hose must remain dry during the test. This ensures proper cleanliness during the testing process. This is because the tested hoses will later be used for cleanroom technology.

“The growing company asked us to develop an unique and innovative solution, focusing on a high-quality and solid system design. At Itensify, our mission is to help customers one step ahead in the field of pressure testing. We like to contribute to the continuous quality improvement of the testing process to result in a safe product.

We always start a potential collaboration with a thorough analysis of the customer’s current testing process. After this, we could quickly conclude that we needed to join forces to achieve the perfect design. The goal? To once again be one step ahead in the pressure testing market,” says Roel van Ee, International Sales Engineer with Itensify.

A customized pressure testing solution

Open and honest mutual communication between the two specialist parties created a solid partnership. Soon, the contours of the completely redesigned HSG Gas Underwater Pressure Tester became visible during the design process.

Where normally a pressure test is performed with water or another liquid, an underwater pressure test system tests with nitrogen or compressed air. Using an integrated air system, the newly designed machine can realize as much as 1,000 liters of water in the test chamber within 15 seconds. The new machine is capable of 200 bar gas pressure and is fully remotely controlled with an integrated software system where everything is measured. All these innovative techniques have resulted in a fast, clean and highly accurate test solution for underwater pressure testing.

Another advantage of the ‘HSG gas under water test bench’ is that the maintenance level of this machine is extremely low. As a result, recovery costs are very favorable. In short, a completely redesigned pressure testing machine that meets all end-user requirements and wishes.

The future of the high-pressure testing market: underwater testing

“We are proud to be the only manufacturer of the uniquely designed underwater test benches. At Itensify, we take these projects with great care and our engineers choose well-considered technical choices. As a Dutch quality company, we always look for the most suitable solution for our customers. The new HSG Gas Underwater Pressure Tester is a good example of this. The newly designed unit is equipped with modern, high-quality technology and is fully automatic, ergonomic and safe,” says Roel van Ee. “It is a full-fledged pressure testing system where one can be sure of flawless testing performance for years to come.”

Currently, the machine is used at the company in two shifts a day, taking an average of 150 tests each. And that five days a week! “We are proud that the newly developed HSG hose testing machine can easily handle this large number of tests and look back on a successful project!”

Curious about the unique HSG hose test bench?

Curious about the unique HSG Gas Underwater Pressure Tester? View the brochure of the HSG Underwater Test Unit here. Would you like to discover more about the possibilities of pressure testing systems? Our engineers will be happy to advise you!

Enjoy the innovations and be one step ahead in pressure testing!