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Pressure test certificate

All assemblers and manufacturers have to deal with it; pressure-containing objects have to be provided with a pressure test certificate upon new delivery or after recertification periodically.

Pressure test report

The regulations concerning pressurised objects regularly fall into a grey area. Is a pressure test certificate required or not? One thing is certain: performing a pressure test and generating a pressure test certificate guarantees quality and product liability. It is also a priority that a pressure test is performed safely. Upon new delivery, inspection or (re)testing, pressure-containing objects are checked and a tightness test is performed. This can identify possible pressure drops or leaks.

A burst test can also be performed on the test object in question. This destructive test checks whether the pressure-containing object meets the safety specifications. On the basis of the test data, a pressure test report is drawn up, assuring you to deliver a safe product that has been checked for compliance. Read here how to ensure the safety of a testing process.

Safety for your employees

There are several aspects to pay attention to in order to ensure that the pressure test is safe. For example, testing cannot take place if the test chamber is open, or an emergency stop circuit may apply. Another important aspect is the double-walled test chamber. If a test object unexpectedly fails during testing, damage to the test machine is limited and the operator is protected optimally.

Our testing machines feature an effective emergency stop within easy reach and extra-thick windows that are impact-resistant. This makes Itensify’s pressure testing machines one of a kind. In addition, our test machines can be developed with an unique SoftBleed. This prevents damage to the test object during the testing process. When pressure is released all at once during the testing process, under-pressurisation can be created in the test object and in the machine, possibly causing an implosion. This can be harmful to the test object and possibly shorten its life time. The test system (the measuring instruments) can also be damaged. Itensify’s SoftBleed solution is designed to create an controlled pressure release. The SoftBleed is an innovation that slowly dissipates energy; it acts as a de-energiser. When installed in the test unit, the SoftBleed prevents possible damage to the test object and the test system during the testing process. Read more about the Softbleed here.

Curious about the safety requirements for a pressure test system? Watch the video here where we explain the different aspects, taking into account that the pressure test can be performed safely.

A preventive maintenance programme

Personal service is our top priority. This also applies to providing a calibration certificate for our pressure-testing machines. This is one of the components of our maintenance programme. With a periodic calibration (usually annual), you can be sure that the pressure testing machine indicates the correct pressure. In addition, our preventive or proactive maintenance programme allows us to remotely analyse the machine and test data. This allows us to signal in time when a component needs replacement. This prevents breakdowns and problems in the testing process.

Personal and adequate service

When we install a pressure testing system at our customer’s premises, our service engineer provides training for your employees. In addition, we offer various training modules on testing and safety that you, as a customer, can take. When your test system needs maintenance or a new calibration certificate, our service engineers will be happy to assist you. Feel free to contact us.