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Burst test

To find out how much pressure pressure-containing objects can withstand, a burst test can be performed. Some of our pressure testing machines can be equipped with a burst box and burst test option. What does this burst test or burst box involve?

Understanding the maximum pressure

In a burst test, the aim is to measure how much pressure the pressurised object can withstand. How does this work? At Itensify, we can provide a number of testing machines with an optional burst box to optimise your testing process. During the burst test, the burst box is closed, as is the test room in which the burst box is placed. This creates double protection and allows extremely safe working. The burst box provides extra protection for both the test room and the employee during the burst-testing process.

Read more here about the HSP Pro (test range up to 6000 bar), which can optionally be fitted with a burst box.

Why carry out a burst test?

Whether you operate in hose production and assembly, or work with other pressure-containing objects: every pressure-containing object has a certain safety factor regarding operating pressure and burst pressure. Burst pressure tests help to determine this safety factor or achieve it. The burst test then indicates the safety value, quality or performance of the test object in question. It gives an accurate picture of how the materials will respond to the requirements placed on them that suit the QA process of the test item.
Are you curious whether your pressure-containing objects meet burst test standards? Our burst box and burst test option can help.

Personalised service

Curious about our burst boxes and burst test options? Or would you like to discuss the possibilities of our pressure testing systems? Our engineers will be happy to advise you!