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Products - Workshop testing unit: WPE

Workshop test unit WPE

In your workshop you want to pressure test from an electrical power outlet. It is possible with the all new Electrical Hydraulic driven WPE of Itensify. From a 3x230 VAC outlet the WPE will perform a pressure test from 10-200 or from 10-1500, 4000 or 7000 bar (10-22.500, 60.000 or 100.000 psi).  


Quick, accurate and cheap execution of pressure tests is what the unique Electical Hydraulic drive on the WPE will do for you.


The WPE is fully equipped with ‘isolate', bleed valve, stepless pressure adjustment, en certified gauge. Naturally the system is of high Itensify quality, has low operational costs en is build together to an ergonomic,robust and safe unit. A standard feature is the connection for our EasyLogging system to simply generate and store pressure test certificates.


Contact us an find out what benefits the WPE will bring you.

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