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News - Frisian down-to-earth approach over the border.

Itensify is a Frisian company with international ambitions. We are rapidly trying to tap into new international markets. Different countries have now met our innovative test systems. And now we have our sights on South America.

To bring your products over  the border goes beyond offering something at the right price and quality. It is also about building relationships with new customers in foreign cultures. Our goal is to really help companies with a Frisian down-to-earth approach. Because even though we like to be on the forefront of developments, all the steps we made are based on a down-to-earth approach. Our test systems should be beneficial and durable to our customers which they should benefit from and it should contribute to the continuity of the business. Only then do we want to deliver. And because we are not a large multinational, we can quickly respond to market demands and respond to needs of the customer.


And so came the Frisian down-to-earth approach of Itensify in South America, where we are busy with developing our international network. With pride we delivered  our first test unit to South America. To ensure a safe crossing, the fully automatic test unit was sea freight worthy packed.  After this, the unit was ready for the great crossing over the Atlantic Ocean. Bon voyage!

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